Single Monument

Cemetery Monuments

A cemetery monument is a very personal and difficult decision for the family or loved ones to make, the memorial monuments shown in our pictures are just a few samples of monuments available .

A single monument is placed over a single grave site which consists of kerbs, basestone and headstone.


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A single monument can be covered by a garden bed , granite slab (ledger) or concrete pebbles (chip top).

If you have seen something you like, we can use it as a starting point in establishing a design for your memorial. Otherwise we will help you to create a beautiful memorial that your loved one deserves.

First of all we will help you to choose the type of stone such as granite, marble, sandstone, bluestone or rock. From here the colour will be selected and we will source to your desired size and shape.

Headstones can be personally engraved either directly on the stone or to a bronze plaque. All languages and motifs ( decorative pictures ) can be created or even have a photo etched into the stone. Many options available .

Our headstones can be placed at any Melbourne headstones cemetery located around Victoria. ( Fawkner cemetery, Springvale cemetery, Keillor cemetery, Preston cemetery
Northern Memorial park, Yan yean cemetery, Melbourne general cemetery, gmct, Williamstown cemetery, Yarraglen cemetery Bunurong memorial park, Cheltenham memorial park. )

We will create beautiful memorials for your loved ones within your requirements.

we can also help you design a monument to suit your wishes, requirements and budget.

These types of memorials are for one – up to three internments.

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