Bronze Plaques

Bronze Plaques

A Memorial plaque is a very important and personalised choice for a memorial. With different choices of plaques available and your personalised wording of the inscription, the colour of the plaques and if requested the emblems or motifs. See also our online Catalogue

Bronze memorial Plaques

Bronze memorial plaques are a great alternative or addition to a traditional monuments. This bronze memorial plaques can be used in nearly all circumstances and will stand the test of time. They come in a variety of colours and a wide range of shapes and sizes. Many emblems and motifs can be placed on the plaques to reflect one’s life or passion.

Pictorial Bronze memorial Plaques

Select your favourite photos for a pictorial biography in bronze. They combine the art of casting with the use of photography to reproduce finely detailed photo images on cast bronze memorial plaques. A more detailed brochure can be mailed to you upon request.

Designer Life Memorial Plaques

These designer life memorials plaques are an impressive new and unique way to remember ones life. This everlasting accessory can enhance and compliment a monument and enable you to create a personal touch.Truly expressing ones life on these plaques in colour is a great way to create the story of a life well lived. These plaques are guaranteed to never fade or scratch.

Castagna monuments services all of Australia and will post suitable items and plaques country wide.

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