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Memorial Stones

Memorial stones are normally the bit of the tombstone that has the etching on it. The size, shading,material and form of a headstone can change depending on your individual tombstone needs.Our memorial stones craftsmen use a wide range of lettering styles and text configurations to ensure that your memorial stones catch your adoration for your dear departed one. Castagna Monuments range of memorial stones can be found in various cemeteries all through Victoria. Our range of memorial stones is made in Melbourne by our team of esteemed stonemasons who have been cutting stone materials since we began work 50 years back. The range of memorial stones can be produced using numerous sorts of material from stone to marble and styled to be anything from oval to rectangular. The memorial stones are endless in choices and totally tailored to suit your budget and necessities.
Memorial stones are a remarkable way to have an enduring memory of a partner or relative. It is believed that by having memorial stones you immortalise your memories by setting your love in stone. Memorial stones are the perfect way to cherish the memory of an individual and have a spot to visit to remember them. Castagna Monuments can provide you with memorial stones design, production and installation. Our stonemasons pride themselves on quality craftsmanship and the delivery of fine memorial stones. Call our sales team on 03 9354 0299 or complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you asap.

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