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Grave Plaque Malbourne

A grave plaque is a significant and thoughtful decision for a dedication. With various selections and designs available, you can with customise your plaque with the option to engrave. We also offer a range of colours and themes to suit any stylistic and personal needs. All that is required to provide you with an estimated cost is the measurements of the plaque you require (any size is available) and the engraving that you might want to put on the plaque. We are a third-generation grave plaque supplier in Melbourne, with over 50 years of experience in the industry. We understand the importance of selecting a plaque and a memorial that is sentimental to both you and those who have passed away. That’s why we’re here to help you along with every step of the process.


Represent the life and personality of your loved one

A grave plaque is an extraordinary alternative or addition to a conventional monument. This grave plaque can be utilized in about all conditions and will stand the trial of time. They come in an assortment of colours and a wide range of shapes and sizes. Numerous emblems and motifs can be put on the grave plaque to show one’s life or interests. However your loved one would like to be remembered, we’re able to make it happen, at Castagna Monuments. We only use high-quality materials to ensure that your plaque is strong and durable. We offer both bronze and granite plaques, giving you the ability to select a plaque style that is intricate and captivating no matter which materials you choose. As a respected grave plaque supplier in Melbourne, we understand how to create a unique plaque that will forever honour the memory of your loved ones.


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Creating grave plaques with a personal touch

We welcome our clients to give their input on the grave plaque they visualise and we want to contribute our thoughts for an incredible coordinated effort. The two-way informative design process that we cultivate at Castagna Monuments has empowered us to connect with the hearts of our clients. You’ll have complete freedom over the sizes, design choices, additional features and more. We want to give you the best opportunity possible to create a monument that will be truly reflective of a life well lived. Honour their memory, with a truly individualised grave plaque.


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Would you like to browse our selection? All visitors are whole heartedly welcome to view our grave plaque collection, gravestones and different types of stonework. On the off-chance that you need a custom grave plaque, you can also stop by our Coburg office for a moment to chat with our staff and get additional information. We can reproduce our styles and structures as per the needs of the clients. With a devoted and imaginative team, we can design, create and install grave plaque all through Melbourne, for any cemetery or memorial ground.


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