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Grave Headstone Supplier in Melbourne

If you’re looking for high-quality grave headstones in Melbourne, Castagna Monuments can provide you with a wide range headstone shapes, sizes and designs. We’re here to help make the selection and design process as easy as possible. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create a headstone that is both unique and personalised. We will also ensure that your requirements can be met with your budget, creating a memorial that is truly meaningful without breaking the bank. We’re always happy to provide our advice and suggestions to those who are seeking assistance. With over 50 years of experience, our dedicated team are here to help you to design the perfect grave headstone in Melbourne. Create a headstone that reflects the life and personality of a fallen loved one. Choose Castagna Monuments.


What is the best material for a grave headstone?

There are a number of different materials that are used in the construction of grave headstones in Melbourne. If you want a gravestone to last for as long as possible, there are two main materials that you should be choosing from. These are bronze and granite. Both of these materials are highly durable, ensuring that the structural integrity of the headstone is as strong as possible. The inscription on a bronze or granite headstone will still be legible in hundreds of years, unlike more traditional stone grave headstones which usually become impossible to read after 50-100 years. The etching or inscription is usually drawn into the top of the headstone either through laser cutting or sand blasting. However, all stones wear down over time due to erosion from rain, wind, sand, and human touch. If a soft stone is purchased for a headstone and an inscription is etched into the surface, the stone will degrade over time. As the stone wears away, the inscription will wear away too. This is why it’s best to use granite, as it is an extremely hard and sturdy stone to work with.


Which type of headstone lasts the longest?

As mentioned above, both bronze and granite are the most durable grave headstone materials available. For this reason, they are also the longest lasting. Whilst bronze is incredibly long-lasting, it does however cost a significant amount of money for its size. Granite is a slightly cheaper alternative when it comes to size and weight, which is why bronze is mainly used in plaques. If you are looking to create a large memorial headstone, you could be looking at over $10,000 in bronze. Granite on the other hand could cost far less for a headstone of the same size. It will also last for an incredibly long period of time, experiencing very little change over hundreds of years. If you’re searching for the highest quality grave headstones in Melbourne, look no further than Castagna Monuments. We provide hardy, durable headstones that will last for years to come. Visit our contact page to arrange a free quote.


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