memorial figure with cross

Fawkner Cemetery

Castagna Monuments has extensive experience in creating and installing high quality gravestones and plaques in Fawkner Cemetery.

Whether you are looking for Memorial Headstones,  Monuments, Mausoleum or Crypts, or Simple Plaques, our experienced craftsman can help create something special for your loved one. We believe in respecting all social and religious beliefs and can cater for any specialised requirements that comply with Fawkner Cemetery ground standards and guidelines. The team at Castagna Monuments will ensure that the structure you select says a lot about the legacy of your cherished one.

All the structural components on gravestones and plaques in Fawkner Cemetery have great deal of thought and effort invested including their texture, colour, visual outlines, textual style, theme or the content composed on them. Our team can help you to create   a monument which commemorates your loved one and immortalize their memories  for you and your family.

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